Free Leaf started as a small seed inside a small apartment in 2015. It began with the desire to have a healthy life, and a life of freedom. The journey began by participating in craft shows & farmers’ markets around Colorado, providing loose leaf teas and other handmade goods. Over time, the community grew and the local makers became an inspiration. We decided to take our business further by opening a brick-n-mortar shop. Now, Free Leaf is a reliable source for healthy, high-quality goods, and is an outlet for our community, and local artisans. We plan to continue to grow, for we are still learning this balance of having a healthy lifestyle. So join us on our journey, and grow with us!

Ashley, the Owner, has loved curating ever since she was a little girl, and loves seeing the beauty in simplicity.  She’s a daydreamer and a gift giver. She’s always been in love with herbs and plants, and started diving deeper into the health benefits that they have to offer. Free leaf is a dream that has turned into a reality, thanks to the community and all the support. She wanted to create a space that feels different, inspiring, and warm, a space that everyone can find something special. Ashley has great support from her Husband, Evan, and shop-pup, Ruben, along with other supporters we now call family. Without them Free Leaf wouldn’t be complete.


Ashley & The Free Leaf Team

Ruben, Shop Pup Ashley, Free Leaf Owner
The Fam' Free Leaf at the Market Beautiful