It's never too early to introduce a serum into your skincare routine. This facial serum contains no harsh ingredients and leaves your skin soft and well moisturized, while increasing the production of collagen - all without any harsh chemicals or fragrances! Gentle enough for even the most delicate skin. Contains only five (100% natural) plant oils, which provide SPF 20, treat acne, reduce the appearance of scars, and fully absorbs in minutes, leaving no greasy residue. Formulated as a super hydrating serum, so no need to apply a moisturizer afterward.

Packaged in a 2oz. eco-friendly glass bottle. 


sweet almond oil*: anti-aging, reverses/protects against UV damage, reduce hyper pigmentation

jojoba oil*: deeply hydrating, antioxidant, noncomedogenic, regulated sebum production, promotes collagen production, anti-aging, treats acne

pomegranate seed oil*: rich in vitamin B (deeply hydrating), rich in vitamin C for anti-aging and collagen production, minimizes the appearance of scars, brightens skin

raspberry seed oil*: blocks UV rays (SPF), anti-aging, promotes collagen production, combats sun damage, treats acne

rosehip oil*: moisturizing, anti-aging, brightens and evens skin tone, minimizes the appearance of scars, increases elasticity


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