Serum + Jade Roller Gift Set


Boost circulation with our favorite eye serum + facial jade roller for use after applying oil on the face. 

Eye Serum - not just for around the eyes, but a great moisturizer for the whole face as well! Plant ingredients reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness. 


Sweet almond oil*: anti-aging, reverses/protects against UV damage, reduces hyper-pigmentation

Castor oil*: lengthens/conditions lashes and brows, treats acne, anti-inflammatory, anti-aging, reduces pigmentation

Evening primrose oil*: moisturizes, improves skin health, treats acne, reduce hyper-pigmentation

Carrot seed oil*: revitalizes and tones skin

Non-GMO vitamin e oil: protects and repairs skin


 • Facial Jade Roller - supports lymphatic drainage, depuffs, and provides relaxation and stress relief. Simply roll underneath eyes, along forehead, cheeks, and neck after applying serum. 

*Tip: add a drop of lavender oil to serum to help with dark eye circles and help brighten your skin. 



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